Don’t Let That Horse . . . (by Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

Don’t let that horse                               eat that violin     cried Chagall’s mother                                      But he                       kept right on                                      painting And became famous And kept on painting                               The Horse With Violin In Mouth And when he finally finished it he jumped up upon the horse                                         and rode away           waving the violin And then… Read More Don’t Let That Horse . . . (by Lawrence Ferlinghetti)


The title of our song refers to animals that symbolize freedom and power, in this case they are untamed (2 words) This song belongs to an album whose title hints at a propensity to steal (2 words) The band, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, has a name that describes people unwilling… Read More CLUES


HOMBURG   (Procol Harum)   Your multilingual business friend Has packed her bags and fled Leaving only ash-filled ashtrays And the lipsticked unmade bed The mirror on reflection Has climbed back upon the wall For the floor she found descended And the ceiling was too tall Your trouser cuffs are dirty And your shoes are… Read More HOMBURG