“I’m a blackstar…”

Blackstar (stylised as ) is the twenty-fifth and final studio album by  David Bowie, but it is also the name for a cancer lesion ( usually associated with breast cancer) . In addition it ’s the name of a “hidden planet” that some people think will crash into the Earth, or  another name for Saturn or the term for the transitional state between a collapsed star and a singularity  in physics.

It is also the name of a little-known Elvis Presley song about death.  Bowie was a known Presley fan and shared his birthday with Presley. He once said: “I was probably stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something.

“BLACK STAR” – Elvis Presley

Every man has a black star
A black star over his shoulder
And when a man sees his black star
He knows his time, his time has come

Black star don’t shine on me, black star
Black star keep behind me, black star…



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