“…you think I’ll be blue…” SOME COLOUR IDIOMS

  1. Put something down in black and white
    To write down on paper for confirmation or evidence
  2. Black market
    Places where goods are illegally bought and sold
  3. Blacklist someone
    To write someone’s name on a list if they break any rules, and ban them from having the opportunity to take part again
  4. Blackmail someone
    To extort money from someone by using their secrets against them and threatening to reveal them  to others
  5. In someone’s black books
    To be in disgrace with someone
  6. Black tie event/affair
    A formal event (where male guests wear black bow ties with tuxedos or dinner jackets)
  7. Black sheep
    A person who is the ‘odd one out’ of a group, and doesn’t fit in with others around them.
  8. Out of the blue
    To appear suddenly
  9. Blue pencil
    To censor something, or limit the information that is shared
  10. Blue blood
    Someone belonging to noble, aristocratic or wealthy family
  11. Feel blue
    Feel depressed or discontented
  12. Once in a blue moon
    To occur rarely, or only once in a lifetime
  13. Blue collar
    Factory workers
  14. To paint in bright/dark colours
    To describe something in a flattering (bright) or unflattering (dark) way
  15. To be kept in the dark
    Keeping a secret from someone
  16. To be green
    To bed immature, or inexperienced
  17. Green with envy
    Extremely jealous, full of envy
  18. Give someone the green light / get the green light
    When someone receives, or is given, permission to go ahead with something
  19. Green belt
    An area of fields and trees around a town
  20. Green thumb/green finger
    Someone with a talent for gardening
  21. Golden boy
    A young man idolised for a great skill, usually in sport.
  22. See pink elephants
    When someone sees things that are not really there, because they are in their imagination
  23. To be shown the red card
    To be dismissed from your job (football terminology)
  24. To be in the red
    To be in debt to your bank, or owe an institution some money
  25. A red flag
    The signal that something is not working properly
  26. Catch someone red-handed
    To catch someone in the act of committing a crime, or doing something wrong that they shouldn’t be doing
  27. Red in the face
  28. Red-letter day
    A day that is memorable because of some important event
  29. Red tape
    The term used for bureaucratic delay, or excessive formalities, resulting in injustice to the ordinary citizen
  30. To see the red light
    To recognise approaching danger.
  31. Red-carpet treatment
    To receive special treatment
  32. Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth
    Born into a rich family
  33. Raise a white flag
    This indicates that one has accepted defeat and surrenders to the other party
  34. White elephant
    A useless possession
  35. A white lie
    A ‘little’ or ‘harmless’ lie told in order to be polite and avoid hurting someone’s feelings,
  36. White collar
    An office worker (who traditionally wears white shirts with a collar).




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