Back from Spain: GOYA’S DOG

The Dog ( or in  Spanish  El Perro or Perro Semihundido)is the name given to this  painting by Francisco GOYA,  in the Museo del Prado, Madrid

It shows the head of a small black dog with its snout lifted, its ears pulled back and its eyes looking up and towards the right. The dog itself is almost lost in the vastness of the rest of the image, which is empty except for a dark sloping area near the bottom of the picture. This represents an unidentifiable mass which conceals the animal’s body. It is an enigmatic painting, which  is often seen a symbolic depiction of man’s futile struggle against malevolent forces.

The black mass around  the dog might be quicksand, earth or some other material in which the dog is being  buried. It has been struggling  unsuccessfully to free itself, and now it  can do nothing but look skywards hoping for an intervention that will never come. And the vast upper, dirty ochre sky intensifies the feeling of the dog’s isolation and the hopelessness of its situation.



Dove sei? – gli occhi urlavano muti –

Tendimi la mano

Strappami agli artigli del baratro.              

Sempre al tuo fianco

Senza chiedere in cambio

Che una briciola di pane e d’affetto

Ora – ora io  ho bisogno di te  

Per non essere annientato.

Ma tu non hai pietà     

                         60x33 the-dog-francisco-de-goya-y-lucientes               


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