September 19, 1981: Simon & Garfunkel – Concert in Central Park

On Saturday, September 19, 1981 Paul Simon and Art  Garfunkel reunited for a benefit  concert in New York’s Central Park, where they performed in front of an audience of more than 500,000 people, although rain had been falling throughout the day until the start of the concert

Central Park, an oasis that functions as the city’s green lung, was in a state of deterioration in the mid-1970s and  the city lacked the financial resources to maintain or restore  the park. Therefore proceeds went toward the redevelopment and maintenance of that green space in the middle of Manhattan.

This concert and album marked the start of a short-lived reunion for Simon & Garfunkel, who had broken up at the top of their popularity and after the release of Bridge Over Troubled Water

The duo began the show , which  consisted of 21 songs. with their 1968 hit Mrs. Robinson, followed by  Homeward Bound .                                                                                 The song The Sound of Silence, was received with great applause, especially when the narrative voice referred to a large crowd of people in the dark.



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