September 28th: Ask a Stupid Question Day

September 28th: ASK  A  STUPID  QUESTION  DAY

In the USA, today is  a holiday  usually celebrated by school students and teachers. Originally an unofficial holiday, its  date coincides with the last day of school in Septembe.  It was created by teachers in the 1980s to encourage pupils to ask more questions in the classroom, since  students  sometimes hold back, fearing their question is stupid, and asking it will result in ridicule.

How to Celebrate?

They say that there are no stupid questions. So, don’t hesitate, ask stupid questions and if someone asks you a stupid question, have a stupid answer ready.

§     §     §     §     §

I thought it’d be fun  to look for the worst things people have ever asked online. Here are some examples:

  • “My wife wants to eat her placenta. Is that okay if she is vegan?”
  • “Is there a spell to become a mermaid that actually works?”
  • “How do you lose weight without moving?”
  • “I was bitten by a turtle when I was a young lad. Should I still drink orange juice?”
  • “How do you get spaghetti stains out of underwear?”
  • “How much Listerine does it take to get drunk?”
  • “Are skeletons real or made up?”
  • “Are there any autographs of Jesus Christ?”
  • “How can I safely look at a picture of the sun?”
  • “Do you think NASA invented thunder to cover up the sound of space battles?”
  • “Do you think that if Michael Jackson hadn’t died, he would still be alive today?”
  • “What happens if you paint your teeth with white nail polish?”
  • “Do you think humans will ever walk on the sun?”
  • “If evolution is true, then why don’t pigs have wings?”


??? Did You Know…

…that the question mark (?) originated as a contraction of the Latin word quaestiō , meaning question? According to this theory, people in the Middle Ages, contracted the q and o by putting the o under the q. Over time, the q and the o turned into the question mark we know today.



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