November 14, 2016: SUPER FULL MOON

(The Largest  Full Moon in 65 years)

The Full Moon on Monday, November 14, 2016 is a Super Moon, meaning that the Moon is around its closest point to Earth, In fact, the Full Moon hasn’t been so close to Earth since January26,  1948, making this Super Moon appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than its counterpart, the Micro Moon.

The next time for a Super Full Moon to appear will be on  November 25, 2034

The Moon’s orbit around Earth is not a perfect circle, but elliptical. As a result  the distance between the Moon and the Earth varies  throughout the month and the year. (On average it is about 382,900 kilometres) The point on the Moon’s orbit closest to Earth is called the perigee  and the point farthest away is the  apogee

When a Full Moon coincides with its closest approach to Earth, it is called a Super Full Moon and it looks larger and brighter

In addition ,in the  Northern Hemisphere Super Moons during the binter months tend to look larger than the one occurring during the rest of the year, because Earth is closer to the Sun, whose  gravity pulls the Moon closer to Earth.

The best time to enjoy a Super Full Moon –  weather permitting – is at  moonrise when the Moon is just above the horizon. (in Milan at  14.52) . At that position the Super Full Moon will look bigger and brighter than when it’s higher up in the sky because it is possible to  compare its apparent size with elements in the landscape : this effect is known as the Moon Illusion.



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