Alone – Lonely – Lonesome


Alone  –  Lonely  –  Lonesome

Alone  (adjective and adverb)  means  that no other person is with you. When we use alone as an adjective, it never comes before the noun (predicative adjective):

Lonely (adjective) means that no other person is with you and, as a consequence,  you are sad and unhappy. We may choose to be alone but generally we do not choose to be lonely:

Lonesome (adjective), in American English, is the same as lonely. Sometimes it refers to a person in a profound, long-lasting, philosophical, or  hopeless way. The difference can be really subtle (if there is one).
–>>  People who are alone and solitary are not necessarily lonely or lonesome.

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Loneliness is the feeling of sadness or  anxiety that occurs when you are alone and  feel depressed about it , The lack of connection or communication may be felt even when surrounded by other people

The loneliness of Eleanor Rigby, which is existential, is unlike the sentimental solitude deriving from a breakup, such as the feeling described  in Are you Lonesome Tonight?

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