Two songs for tomorrow’s lesson (u3a)



Here’s a story about an angry man-  Never knew about love – And there’s that part of every man – That understands what I’m speaking of

He thought the world of her and never knew why – She would always turn away – Just when she needed him – She’d walk away and cry – She knew that there was – Nothing she could say, to him

Can you hear me, can you see me – All that I have dies within me-  Heartbreaking forsaking – The glory and power of love

Maybe I’m angry and I don’t know why –  I never have the words to say – And every time that you walk away and cry – We never seem to find our own way

Diamonds and rubies are a girl’s best friend – But what do they really need – A mighty warrior with an ear that bends – A heart of gold that will never bleed, I can say

Can you hear me….


I know that sometimes I’m difficult – Sometimes I’m crazy – I’m like a storm that keeps blowing your way – And I know it’s not fair – I can’t think of a reason to hurt you this way

Words I don’t mean cause you sadness – Things that I’ve done to encourage this madness- Made a fool of myself – Love’s not supposed to happen this way

Shades of blue covering you – And turning your sunshine to rain – I keep depending on you – To carry me through – And color my shades of blue

How many times will you forgive me – How many storms still lie within me – Say you’ll always be there – To pick up the pieces of this broken man

When it’s all over the air is so still – I’m left all by myself and this chill that I feel – When I look in your eyes – Love’s not supposed to happen this way

Shades of blue covering you….


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