Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?


Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?

Diamonds Black Background


In an article published in The Scientific Fundamentalist. evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa stated that, since  women make greater parental investment in children than men, their primary task is to discriminate between  males who are willing to invest in a woman and her offspring in the long run, and those who are only looking for a short adventure The first must possess two qualities: the ability to acquire resources, and the willingness to invest them in her and her children. A good way to screen for this type of  men is to demand an expensive gift; only men who are capable of acquiring resources and willing to invest them can afford to give a woman expensive gifts (known as courtship gifts or nuptial gifts in evolutionary biology). But not any gift will do. A man who is intrinsically interested in luxury cars might buy her a very expensive model. And a man interested in real estate might buy her a house. In either case, his gift may be  ambiguous and not an explicit indicator of his willingness to invest resources in her and her offspring. Diamonds, on the contrary,  make excellent courtship gifts from this perspective because they are both very expensive and lack intrinsic value. No person can be inherently interested in them as you cannot drive them, live in them, or do anything with them. Therefore a man who buys diamonds – or flowers – for a woman is really interested in making an investment in her, and she will consider them beautiful because  intrinsically  useless; this is why potatoes are not beautiful.

According to journalist Felicity Capon diamonds are captivating and  have inspired us for generations for  their rarity, value, the way they delicately reflect light, while being the hardest of any bulk material. And, of course, in our  culture and popular conscience they are associated with romantic love

In novels, some heroines  may have a voracious appetite for them, yet this obsession is not just confined to women. For example, in King Solomon’s Mines by  H. Rider the protagonist is an adventurer who follows a map drawn in blood to find King Solomon’s legendary diamond mines in Africa. F Scott Fitzgerald too, uses diamonds in several works to evoke the feeling of rapacious, destructive wealth and greed.

Even if they are commonly associated with eternity, commitment and purity, the greatest characteristics of true love, they have also come to symbolize the fragility and temporal nature of romantic relationships.

Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair with jewels was legendary, almost as legendary as her seven husbands who bought her fabulous diamonds, yet none could guarantee her everlasting happiness.

Napoleon gave a diamond and sapphire engagement ring  to his beloved Joséphine  At the time he was a young and promising officer, but he was not rich and he spent a fortune for the gift. Yet even behind this story, there is sadness: despite their mutual devotion, Napoleon divorced Joséphine in 1810, when it became clear she could not give him an heir. to marry Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria.




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