Jacques Prévert


Jacques Prévert



Jacques Prévert  was born on 4 February 1900  and died on 11 April 1977.. He was a well-known French poet and screenwriter.  His poems are often about life in Paris. Some of them such as ‘Les Feuilles mortes’ (‘Autumn Leaves’), were set to music and sung by prominent 20th century French singers including Yves Montand and Édith Piaf as well as by the American singer Joan Baez.

Here’s one of his poems:


Trois allumettes une à une allumées dans la nuit

La premiére pour voir ton visage tout entier

La seconde pour voir tes yeux

La dernière pour voir ta bouche

Et l’obscuritè tout entière pour me rappeler tout cela

En te serrant dans mes bras.



Three matches struck in the night one by one

The first to see all of  your face

The second to see your eyes

The last to see your mouth

And the darkness all around  to remind me of  them

As I hold you in my arms.

                             Tre fiammiferi nella notte  uno a  uno accesi

Il primo per vedere tutto il tuo viso

Il secondo per vedere i tuoi occhi

L’ultimo per vedere la tua bocca

E l’oscurità per ricordarmi tutto questo

Mentre ti stringo fra le braccia.



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