Censorship & Michelangelo


Michelangelo: The Last Judgement


The Last Judgement.


The Last Judgement, painted by Michelangelo from 1535 to 1541, in the Sistine Chapel, Rome,   was  the object of accusations of immorality and obscenity from the very start.  Vasari recorded that the Papal Master of Ceremonies thought this  composition of writhing, muscular nudes was not a work for a Chapel of the Pope but just for a bath or a tavern.


During the Council of Trent in 1563-1564, the indecency of the Last Judgment fresco was a topic of discussion and it was decided that the painting should be modified so that the genitalia would be covered.  


Soon after Michelangelo’s death in 1564, Daniele da Volterra was hired to paint bits of drapery over the nude figures. After that the artist was  remembered by the derogatory nickname “Il Braghettone “ (breeches maker or underclothes painter).


More cover-ups were apparently added in subsequent decades – and several were left in place when the painting was restored in the 1990s.







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