South Side of Dixie



You know I’m about to lose my mind
I got a woman down below the Mason-Dixon line
She deals the cards awful good to me
She’s a blackjack dealer on the Delta Queen

On the south side of Dixie
From Savannah Georgia down to New Orleans
On the south side of Dixie
Women there they don’t treat you mean
On the south side of Dixie
A side of the south you ain’t never seen

Half a tank north of Birmingham
Red eye gravy and country ham
Chattanooga woman sure is sweet
She’s a hillbilly singer from Tennessee

If you go down south, you’re gonna have a ball
You’ll go half crazy tryin’ to love ’em all
You might get lucky, you can’t never tell
With them Georgia peaches and them southern belles

Dixie is a historical nickname for the Southern United States, the eleven Southern states that seceded in late 1860 and early 1861 to form the new confederation and Dixieland, sometimes known as hot jazz or traditional jazz, is a style of jazz based on the music that developed in New Orleans at the start of the 20th century.
There are three theories on the origin of the term Dixie

1. It refers to currency issued by banks in Louisiana., which made ten-dollar notes labeled “Dix”, French for “ten”, on the reverse side. The notes were known as “Dixies” and the area around New Orleans came to be known as “Dixieland”, term that then broadened to refer to the Southern states in general.

2. The word is connected to a “Mr. Dixy”, a slave owner who was so kind that “Dixy’s Land” became famous as a sort of paradise

3. “Dixie” derives from Jeremiah Dixon, a surveyor of the Mason–Dixon line which was the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania, and free and slave states.

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