La La Land

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At last I saw it too!

I’m talking about La La Land” the famous American film that has given new life to the musical . This genre is attested since the superb opening sequence, a masterpiece of chorality featuring hundreds of people stuck in traffic on the highway
It is a romantic comedy about a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress, who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles. The passion they both appreciate in the other,  forces them to decisions that deteriorate the fragile fabric of their love affair. The pursuit of their individual dreams will take all of their energies, and nothing will be left for their relationship. Yet, any compromise they might make to get ahead would change the person they have fallen in love with. And this prevents a happy ending.
In the final scene she has become a famous actress, married to another man, and he has succeeded in opening his own club. They meet there, sharing just a smile, but,  in some moments of splendid alternate reality, they imagine what might have happened if their relationship had worked perfectly.

So we are  left without the happy ending we desire, just because it hardly exists in our  real world, replaced by the beautiful mess we make.
“La La Land” is the world we dream of, but the happiness brought about by its realisation may be bitter. In the film,  the choice of a “road”   mean missing out on others. as it usually happens

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