Play: I Won’t Pay!

 NON TI PAGOnon ti pago

I spent my Sunday afternoon at the theatre (Piccolo Teatro Strehler – Milano) to see “Non ti pago” (I won’t pay) , an Italian play written by author Eduardo De Filippo in 1940. The dramatist himself defined it as “a very comic comedy which in my opinion is the most tragic that I have ever written.”
It evolves around the clash of two characters, Ferdinando Quagliuolo, the manager of a lottery betting shop in Naples, and his employee Mario Bertolini. Both of them are gambler, but while the unlucky Ferdinando never guesses even a single number, Mario, who is in love with his daughter, is very fortunate. Through the interpretation of dreams, he usually wins a lot . When he plays the numbers received from his employer’s father in a dream, he gets a great sum of money. However Ferdinando refuses to pay and claims the right to take the sum for himself, maintaining that his father’s spirit had involuntarily confused the two, and had gone to young Bertolini’s house (where once the Quagliolo lived) only by mistake.
The play goes on with various attempts by Ferdinando to take possession of the winning ticket, including the intervention of lawyers and priests who try to bring peace back to the family.

So this lottery that has uncovered a lot of human flaws is the proof, once more, that money makes us mean and despicable, bringing out the worst  in all of us

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