A film: “SON DE MAR”


Son de Mar (Sound of the Sea) is a Spanish film directed by Juan José Bigas Luna, who uses elements from the Odyssey, including the name of the male protagonist, in addition to his usual emphasis on the erotic. In this film the sex sound  lyrical, because Ulises excites his partner with lines from Virgil and Homer.
The man is a literature teacher who comes to a fishing village and falls in love with a young woman, Martina. the daughter of his landlord.
One day she invites him to visit the Son de Mar, the yacht that appeared in a film, saying she will buy it, if she becomes rich.
Ulises recites the Aeneid for her, enchanting her with romantic quotations, and is able to use his words to make the young woman awaken sexually. She gets pregnant, they get married but after the birth of their child, he seems uneasy with his new life as husband and father. He buys a fishing boat and sets out to fish for Martina but the boat is wrecked and he is suspected of drowning even though his body is not found.
Martina remarries to a wealthy local businessman and seems happy with her new life until the day her first husband appears stating that all his travels have just made him discover that he cannot live without her.
Unable to resist, she again falls in love with him. When the husband finds out, he takes drastic measures to punish the lovers. So he sabotages the Son de Mar, which they use to escape and the ship sinks in the middle of the ocean.
In the final scene the two corpses are in a morgue, but, for a moment, they come to life to join again in their overwhelming passion

The film, which has elements of suspense, love, seduction, mystery, betrayal, sex, is enjoyable, with stunning  scenery.

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