Easter Monday



Annibale Carracci: The Holy Women at Christ’s Tomb (1597)

Today, in Italy, we celebrate “Lunedi dell ‘Angelo” ( Monday of the Angel) or Pasquetta, which can literally be translated into little Easter (Pasqua).
It is part of the Easter holiday celebrations and it is a time to take short breaks to the countryside with friends and family, and have picnics.


Easter Monday is called “Monday of the Angel” in memory of the day when an Angel comforted the two Marys who had gone to Jesus’s tomb and found it empty. They were bewildered and upset, but the Angel told them Jesus had risen

Talking about food, the major Easter tradition in Italy is, unfortunately, lamb.
Chocolate eggs are also popular (hollow with a prize inside), and a traditional cake called “Colomba di Pasqua”, (Easter Dove Cake).  It is  made with yeast bread, shaped like a dove, rich in butter and eggs, filled with raisins and candied orange peel and topped with baked-on almond icing.


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