Love (7): In Search of the Other

In Search of the Other — by Ashjan Al Hendi

Gustav Klimt



She searches for someone else every day;
and finds me
And I search for someone else;
but find her
It is said: that East and West shall never meet
but Isabella and I
Meet every day
on our trip in search of others.

Ashjan Al Hendi was born in Saudi Arabia. She earned her doctoral degree from the Department of Language and Arabic Literature at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She has published several volumes of poetry, and a book of critical essays
In an interview she said that love,  “the greatest human emotion”, is a universal language and, where it is present, there are also tolerance, peace, and understanding. “Hence, we are in need of love especially in these present times that are filled with war, violence and pain because only love can erase painful moments and open ways for good human communication and relationships.” She continued: “In today’s world, if we lose love for one another and we allow hatred to replace it, we will all be losers.”

Isabella is a German girl  working at the International Frankfurt Book Fair in 2004.
In this simple but clever poem, love between people is manifested as a desire for communication,  between individuals as well as entire nations.


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