White Nights in the Baltic Capitals and Helsinki

White nights in the Baltic Capitals and Helsinki


I have just come back from the tour in four of the most Eastern countries in Europe: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Their capitals are highly individual in character and show an extraordinary wealth of historical buildings.
Vilnius (Lithuania’s capital) is famous for the baroque architecture in its Medieval Old Town. Riga (Latvia’s capital) has a beautiful cultural centre known for its wooden buildings. medieval Old Town and art nouveau architecture. Tallinn (Estonia’s capital) on the Baltic Sea is the oldest capital in Northern Europe with its medieval spires . Helsinki (Finland’s capital) also called the daughter of the Baltic, is situated on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland.
Their different atmospheres, flavours and customs, the captivating countryside with its picturesque towns and unique landscapes  offered a beautiful insight into this corner of Europe. What I didn’t see much of were the stars: it was dark only for a very short period!


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