13 August: International Left-Handers Day


August 13 is the International Left-Handers Day . It was created in 1976 as a way to celebrate left-handers, but also to raise awareness of the inconveniences they have to face in a predominantly right-handed world.
In the past left-handedness was viewed with suspicion, and in the Middle Ages, left-handed writers were thought to be possessed by the Devil. The word sinister comes from “sinistra”, the Latin and Italian word for left. The English word left itself comes from the Old English lyft = weak (the left-hand side is regarded as the weaker side of the body).

Among the most famous left-handed people, we can mention:
Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Queen Victoria , Napoleon Bonaparte, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo , Raphael, Albrecht Dürer, M.C. Escher , Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Albert Schweitzer, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton , Barack Obama, and a number of actors, singers, musicians and athletes….

(One of my two sons is left-handed)



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