30 September: International Translation Day

    International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September, on the feast of St. Jerome, to pay tribute to the work of translators and interpreters who try to make the world a slightly smaller place by breaking down language barriers. The patron saint of translators is St. Jerome, a Christian scholar and… Read More 30 September: International Translation Day

Confucius (28 September 551 BC – 479 BC)

Confucius, the influential Chinese philosopher, teacher, and politician, was born on 28 September. He is famous for his popular aphorisms and his models of social interaction. His philosophy emphasized morality, correctness, justice and sincerity. His teachings, collected in the “Analects” (i.e. “selected passages”), are as applicable to us today as they were  in the fourth… Read More Confucius (28 September 551 BC – 479 BC)


Sulla piazza antistante la Chiesa prepositurale del mio paese, Carate Brianza, si erge la statua di Sant’Anatalone che regge una croce di ferro. È parte integrante del paesaggio urbano, e, quando all’inizio del secolo scorso si pensò di rimuoverla per far posto ad una torretta in cui alloggiare una cabina elettrica ed una pompa per… Read More Sant’Anatalone