The Divine Sarah


Sarah Bernhardt, the great actress who graced the French stage before Hollywood, was born in the Latin Quarter of Paris on October 22 or 23, 1844, (Since her original birth certificate was lost, there has always been a lot of uncertainty about the exact date, which, according to some sources, might also be 25 September-)
Named by her fans the “Divine Sarah” , she was one of the best-known figures in the history of the stage, who made several theatrical tours around the world, and appeared in some of the earliest films ever produced.
Her motto was: “Quand même”,  a versatile French phrase meaning “All the same, nevertheless,”, which in her hands often came off as a jaunty “So what?”


8 thoughts on “The Divine Sarah

  1. Se ti piace la Duncan allora potrà interessarti Io danzerò, film che racconta la vita di quella che è stata a lungo considerata (a torto o a ragione) la sua principale avversaria (ma non nemica): Loïe Fuller

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