White lies

fairy tale

From the movie: “Jackie”

Jackie went into Caroline’s bedroom to tell her children that their father was no longer with them.
JOHN JR:  Mommy, where’s Daddy?
JACKIE: Daddy won’t be coming home.
CAROLINE:  Why not?
JACKIE: Daddy had to go see your baby brother Patrick. In heaven.
JACKIE: Because I’m here with you. And we don’t want Patrick to get lonely, do we?
CAROLINE:  But what about us?

This last remark sounds so tragic: lies disguised as stories told to children resemble the lies we tell ourselves, to make reality less painful.


11 thoughts on “White lies

      1. Apologies for the very late response.

        Why more for older people?

        She was a real hero to my parents generation. Her character, style and the fact she was a wife and mother.

        Being openly catholic was attractive too

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  1. Continue, pressed the wrong button.

    In our days, she is some sort of fashion icon.

    Not many people are religious now but that scene with the cardinal was deeply catholic. Tough, not easy.

    By the way I knew someone who knew her.

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