U3A:”The Night I Called the Old Man Out” (a song)

A fight (Greek Statue – 2 century b.C.)

The Night I Called the Old Man Out

The dining room fell silent
I can’t believe what I just said
I just told my dad he’s full of it
And I watched his face turn red
And I should’ve said, “I’m sorry”
But I matched him shout for shout
I can still hear that screen door slammin’
The night I called him out V1

He said, “Son it’s gonna hurt me more than it hurts you”
But somehow I couldn’t help but have my doubts
‘Cause I’d seen my older brothers crawl back in the house
Each time they called the old man out

Fist to fist and eye to eye
Standin’ toe to toe
He would’ve let me walk away
But I just would not let it go
Years of my frustration
Had lead me to this night
Now he’ll pay for all the times that he’s been right

He said…

It was over in a minute
That’s when I realized
The blood came from my mouth and nose
But the tears came from his eyes
And in memory of that fateful night
I know the greatest pain was his
And I just pray someday I’m half the man he is

He said…

Just like my older brothers
I crawled back in the house
The night I called the old man out


La sala da pranzo tacque
Non posso credere a quello che ho appena detto
Ho appena detto a suo padre che parla a vanvera
E guardai il suo volto diventare rosso
E avrei dovuto dire, “mi dispiace”
Ma l’ho confrontato urlo contro urlo
Posso ancora sentire la porta d’ingresso sbattere
La notte in cui l’ho chiamato fuori

Disse: “Figlio so che farà male più a me che a te”
Ma in qualche modo non potei fare a meno di avere i miei dubbi
Perché li avevo visti i miei fratelli più grandi rientrare a casa strisciando
Ogni volta che chiamavano fuori il vecchio

Pugno contro pugno e occhi negli occhi
In piedi faccia a faccia
Mi avrebbe lasciato andare via
Ma non io volevo lasciar correre
Anni di frustrazione
Mi avevamo portato a questa notte
Adesso pagherà per tutte le volte in cui ha avuto ragione

Finì in un minuto
Quando mi accorsi
Che dalla mia bocca e dal naso usciva del sangue
Ma dai suoi occhi uscivano lacrime
E ricordando quella fatidica notte
So che il dolore più grande fu il suo
E prego che un giorno io possa essere metà dell’uomo che lui è

Proprio come I miei fratelli più grandi
Tornai strisciando a casa
La notte in cui chiamai fuori il mio vecchio


This song (by Garth Brooks, Pat Alger and Kim Williams) and  describes a fight between a father and son, which turns physical.
The father demonstrates not only his physical strength, but also his big heart: his tears of sadness after knocking the son down with a punch demonstrate that the fight hurt him emotionally.
The boy probably did not say he was sorry when he was wrong because he thought he knew better than his dad. Yet, in the end,  he seems to understand the older man’s moral standing and to gain respect for him

Garth Brooks (1962) is an American singer and songwriter, who integrates rock and roll elements into the country genre.



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