7 December: Mozart’s funeral

This engraving (1860) represents Mozart’s burial and it has a poem printed beneath (in German):

As the storm roars about, on the snow-covered field,
On the final path, brightened by no beam of light
He heads on alone; no eye weeps for him,
Only his loyal dog follows along, his only friend.

(Mentre la tempesta ulula, sul campo innevato,
Lungo il sentiero che porta alla fine, senza un raggio a far luce
Egli prosegue da solo; nessun occhio piange per lui,
Solo il suo cane fedele lo segue, il suo unico amico)

This portrayal of the journey of Mozart’s coffin was made by Joseph Heicke, a few years after an article that appeared in the “Vienna Morgen-Post” of 28 January 1856, reporting the story told by a witness, Mr. Joseph Deiner:

“The night of Mozart’s death was dark and stormy; at the funeral, too, it began to rage and storm. Rain and snow fell at the same time, as if Nature wanted to shew her anger with the great composer’s contemporaries, who had turned out extremely sparsely for his burial. Only a few friends and three women accompanied the corpse. Mozart’s wife was not present. These few people with their umbrellas stood round the bier, which then taken to St. Marx Cemetery. As the storm grew ever more violent, even these few friends determined to go back…”


6 thoughts on “7 December: Mozart’s funeral

  1. Triste fine mortale per un immortale della musica. Ma davvero l’uomo ha la grande capacità di non comprendere in tempo ciò che di grande (e spesso irreparabile) accade intorno a lui. La riproduzione dell’incisione è davvero un triste atto d’accusa contro l’uomo.

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