9 January 1924: Virginia Woolf buys a house in Bloomsbury


Tavistock Square (taken by C Ford))


On 9 January 1924, Virginia Woolf and her husband bought a house at 52 Tavistock Square, in the Bloomsbury district of London near the British Museum.
Virginia Woolf wrote in her diary:

At this very moment, or fifteen minutes ago to be precise, I bought the ten years lease of 52 Tavistock Sqre London W.C. 1—I like writing Tavistock. Subject of course to the lease, & to Providence, & to the unforeseen vagaries on the part of old Mrs Simons, the house is ours: & the basement, & the billard room, with the rock garden on top, & the view of the square in front & the desolated buildings behind, & Southampton Row, & the whole of London – London thou art a jewel of jewels, & jasper of jocunditie – music, talk, friendship, city views, books, publishing, something central & inexplicable, all this is now within my reach.
At 52 Tavistock Square, Virginia and Leonard lived on the top two floors, with a firm of solicitors on the ground two floors, and the Hogarth Press in the basement, where Virginia also had a writing room.
Shortly after they moved, Tavistock Square was destroyed by German bombs during the early phase of the London Blitz, on the night of 15 October 1940.


6 thoughts on “9 January 1924: Virginia Woolf buys a house in Bloomsbury

      1. Il prestigioso circolo di Bloomsbury scelse Villa Cimbrone come luogo di ritrovo e di ispirazione.
        Il circolo era capitanato da Virginia Woolf e Lytton Strachey. Altri ospiti noti, includevano Winston Curchill, E.M Forster, e il celebre economista Maynard Keynes, D.H. Lawrence, l’autore di Lady Chatterley’s Lover, che lasciò letteralmente il suo marchio nel giardino della villa, quando lui e un amico decisero di dare alla Statua di Eva una fresca, e non autorizzata, mano di vernice.

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