Livia’s Painted Garden


giardino 1

The Villa of Livia is an ancient Roman villa 12 km north of Rome along the Via Flaminia, which was used as her country residence, along with her house on the Palatine Hill in Rome.
The Villa had three vaulted subterranean rooms, the largest of which contained superb illusionistic frescoes of garden views (30 – 20 BCE),. These paintings have been removed to Rome and reinstalled in Palazzo Massimo alle Terme (part of the National Roman Museum, which has branches in separate buildings throughout the city and exhibits archaeological findings from the period of Ancient Rome)

giardino 2
This is a garden of the imagination painted on the walls, just beyond a painted perimeter wall, and it portrays a luxurious garden with a wide a variety of fruit trees and flowers with countless birds, all rendered in a naturalistic way

giardino 3
The Latin name of this palace was “Villa Ad Gallinas Albas” (by the white hens)



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