The fatal kiss


IMG_0523Bibi-Khanym majestic and grandiose mosque was built by the Tamerlane’s youngest and favourite wife, Bibi Khanym, as a gift on his return from a military campaign in India. The mosque was to be the most grandiose creation in Samarkand, but almost all architects refused the task because the work was really hard. Only one master accepted, but he fell madly in love with the beautiful queen and as payment he asked for a kiss.
When his lips touched her velvet skin they were so hot, that they left a bright trace on the tender cheek of Bibi Khanym.

When Timur returned he was delighted with the gift but, noticing the trace of the burning kiss on his beautiful wife’s cheek, he killed the architect.

According to another legend Bibi Khanym was condemned, too. but she expressed the wish to put on all her silk dresses, so when she was thrown down from a high portal of a mosque, she softly landed on earth. The architect, instead, climbed one of minarets standing there, made a pair of wings, and flew towards Mecca.


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