Nasreddin Hodja in Bukhara



Nasreddin or Nasreddin Hodja was a satirical Sufi who lived in the 13th century . He is considered a populist philosopher and wise man, remembered for his funny stories, which usually have a subtle humour and a pedagogic nature.

One day, a neighbour who Nasreddin didn’t like very much came over to his yard and asked him if he could borrow his donkey.
But Nasreddin didn’t feel inclined to lend the animal to that particular man, so, to sound he answered that he had lent the animal to his brother the previous day

The acquaintance was disappointed, but he thanked Nasreddin and began to walk away. All of a sudden, the donkey could be heard braying loudly behind the wall of the yard.
The neighbour turned to Nasreddin and said;

“Mullah Sahib, I thought you told me that your donkey was not here.

Nasreddin turned to him and replied:

“My friend, who are you going to believe? Me or the donkey?”


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      1. When I started this blog I was just trying to share the contents of my lectures. I am teaching a course called “Words & Music” at the University of the Third Age of my small Italian town, with the aim of letting people enjoy a little English in a cheerful way. The blog was intended as a way to reach those who had been unable to attend the course: you know, we are still young, but only at heart!
        Then I began to enjoy it … and here I am!

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      2. Wow that’s so awesome Luisa 😊. I am so happy to here that πŸ˜‡. If you don’t mind, I like to stay in touch with you. I am following you now 😊. I hope you don’t mind us being friends πŸ˜‡

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