The word “FAKE”


Fake (adj) = appearing to be something it is not; made to look like something real in order to trick people ( A fake document, fake leather, a fake mustache, a fake smile.)

Fake (n) = a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or imitation- a person who is not what they claim to be, for example because they do not have the qualifications they claim to have. (He told everyone that he was a lawyer, but he was just a fake. The painting, the letter is a fake.)

Fake (v) = forge or counterfeit something; pretend to feel or have (an emotion, illness, or injury) – (He faked his sister’s signature /a heart attack)


The word β€œfake” is of unknown origin and was attested in the slang used by criminals in London during the late 18th century. A likely source is feague, “to decorate or improve in appearance through artificial means,” from German fegen meaning β€œto polish”. Alternatively, it might derive from the Latin verb facere which means “to make” or β€œto do.”

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