Patriottismo e nazionalismo

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1760) – Una virtù, probabilmente il patriottismo

“Le patriotisme, c’est aimer son pays. Le nationalisme, c’est détester celui des autres.”
Charles de Gaulle (né le 22 novembre 1890 à Lille – mort en 1970)


“Il patriottismo è amare il proprio paese. Il nazionalismo è odiare quello degli altri. “

“Patriotism is loving your country. Nationalism is hating that of others.”


30 thoughts on “Patriottismo e nazionalismo

      1. It is. What it has taught me is the concept of “radical”: I can recognize words in a foreign language by looking for the radical, the root. Then I learn to recognize the “dressing”, the suffixes for instance: liberté, libertá, libertad, libertade, or sicuritate in Romanian. That helps. 🙂
        Buona sera Luisa.

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  1. Unfortunately, my country of birth has a president and many followers who are nationalists. It seems to be a rising tide in Europe too. Not sure why but it’s dangerous. Hopefully people wake up and vote and things get better. The press, courts and house of Representatives now being under Democratic control again should do something.

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