“Wonder” – the film (3)

At school he is bullied by many of his classmates, led by Julian, and initially ostracized by nearly the entire student body, who spread the rumour that if they touch him, they will catch the “plague“, but he is appreciated by his teachers, especially Mr Brownie, a kind and inspirational person whose approach to literature is to teach what it means to be human.


Can anybody tell me what this word means? Anybody? No? Precepts are rules for really important things.
Like mottos.
Like mottos or like famous quotes or like lines from a fortune cookie. Right, precepts can help motivate us. They can help guide us when we have to make decisions about really important things. Okay, so who wants to read this month’s precept?
Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
What about you? What’s your name?
Want to give it a shot?
When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”

Auggie begins to feel alienated but he soon forms a close friendship with Jack, the only kid who starts to approach him. His mother is delighted when he invites Jack to come over for a play date.


Hey, Jack, come sit here.
In a sec.
Where’s he going?
Hey. Thanks for your help today… And don’t worry, I got a couple wrong so Ms. Petosa wouldn’t know.
I’m not worried. The worst they can do is kick me out.
Not loving school either, huh?
Oh, it’s great.
I wanted to go to Wayne Middle. The one with the great sports teams.
Then why’d you come here?
They gave me the scholarship.
Well, if you need help in science, you can come to my house after school. You know, if you want.
Great. Thanks! What’s wrong?
I just don’t like eating in front of people.
What do you mean?
It’s a long story, but when I eat, I think I chew like some prehistoric swamp turtle.
No joke? Me too!
Now there’s tuna on your face.
Yeah! Tuna, man!
No, no, no, let me show you how it’s done.
Dude, that’s even more gross.
… I’m going as Boba Fett this year.
I like Halloween, but Christmas is still the best holiday.
No way. Halloween is the best. A pillowcase of candy versus two weeks off school.
You’re nuts.
You see? Even your dog agrees.
Hey, Mom, is it okay if Jack comes over?
Thanks, Mrs. P. I mean, you get snow on Christmas. But you can get snow on Halloween.
How? If you live in Alaska ….

For Halloween, Auggie dresses in a Ghostface mask and cloak and goes to school cheerful and confident due to the anonymity his costume gives him.
However, as he enters his classroom, he overhears Jack, who does not recognize him, when he says to Julian and some other boys: “If I looked like him, I’d swear I’d put a hood over my face.” He becomes sick, forcing his mother to run to school and bring him home. He is so devastated that he never wants to go to school again.

(to be continued)


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