“Wonder” – the film (4)

He then forms a new friendship with a girl named Summer and tells her about his split with Jack, who is really puzzled by Auggie’s change in attitude towards him, but soon realizes his fault and has even a fight with Julian who has insulted Auggie, to defend him. Later he apologizes to Auggie, so they reconcile.
When their class goes on a nature trip near the end of the year, Auggie and Jack, in a wood, are threatened by a trio of seventh graders from another school, who mock Auggie for his look. They start to physically harass the boys until three classmates show up to defend Auggie and Jack


You go there. I’ll go here. Don’t look.
What do we got here?
Couple of losers stinking up the woods.
Holy crap!
Look at his face! He’s a freak. Jesus, I’ve never seen anything that ugly in my life
Maybe it’s an orc.
Dude, let’s go.
Go where? Hey, talking to you, Gollum. This the one mask to rule them all? My precious.
Hey, what’s your problem?
Your boyfriend’s my problem.
Hey! Leave him alone.
What are you gonna do about it? Get out of my way.
I said get out of my way!
I said no!
Yo, Jack, what’s up, man?
What’s this? More little freaks?
What you call us, hick?
Come on, prep boy.
Guys, stop! Guys, stop it! Guys, stop! Just stop, please! Stop! .
Just go!
… Oh, man! Dude! Come on! Let’s go! Let’s get out!
Are you okay? Uh… Dude, you’re bleeding.
What was that? Something’s coming. Amos?
Over here!
Amos, come on! They follow you?
I think we lost them.
How did you guys know we needed help?
We saw them follow you out of the lodge. I think they were seventh graders. They were huge.
Thanks, guys. You totally saved our butts.
Yeah, thanks, guys.
You know, it was cool how you stood your ground, little dude.

(to be continued)

12 thoughts on ““Wonder” – the film (4)

    1. Davvero!
      Domani finisco di presentarlo al corso che tengo all’Università per la Terza Età del mio paese. Tutti ne sono stati coinvolti, e, con l’aiuto che ho fornito perché capissero le scene presentate, si sono sentiti anche gratificati
      Buona serata, Dani cara

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