“Wonder”: points of view

punti di vista
“Old Hag – Young Woman” (*)

The points of view vary during the film, and we learn, for instance, that Via, the teenage sister who loves him and is protective over him, has had to come to terms with the fact that all the family revolves around Auggie and his needs, while hers often get pushed to the side (“My mother has a great eye. I just wish she’d use it to look at me”). She is also dealing with school issues, since her former best friend, Miranda, stopped talking to her over the summer.
When Miranda tells her story, it turns out that she has her own inner turmoil, and her own reasons for avoiding her friend. During the summer camp she told everyone that she was basically living Via’s life, pretending she had a deformed little brother in order to become popular. When she came home, she was ashamed to talk to Via, because of her lies, but she secretly misses her friend and her parents and brother. It was Miranda who gave Auggie the astronaut helmet he usually wears as a Christmas gift.
We also learn that Jack really wants to be Auggie’s friend, but he got caught up in an attempt to be accepted by kids like Julian.


(*) Image:
Is this a beautiful young girl or an old woman? It depends on our point of view. This perceptual illusion, determined by where our eyes focus. teaches us that everything we see in the world can be interpreted in more than one way, our view is not necessarily other people’s view of things, which can be just as valid as ours, perhaps even more.

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