A song: “Mademoiselle Will Decide”

  Mademoiselle Will Decide Wait a minute now The girl is thinking Well, well will she wear that hat Before she goes outside Will she do this or that And be satisfied Who can tell Mademoiselle will decide Come on down the midway Baby do you want to ride Is it gonna be the roller… Read More A song: “Mademoiselle Will Decide”

“Remorse” by E. Dickinson

744 Remorse—is Memory—awake— Her Parties all astir— A Presence of Departed Acts— At window—and at Door— It’s Past—set down before the Soul And lighted with a Match— Perusal—to facilitate— And help Belief to stretch— Remorse is cureless—the Disease Not even God—can heal— For ’tis His institution—and The Adequate of Hell— (Emily Dickinson ) In this… Read More “Remorse” by E. Dickinson