Woody Guthrie

Woodrow Wilson Guthrie (1912 –1967) was one of the most significant figures in American folk music, who inspired several generations both politically and musically Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, he heard church hymns, outlaw ballads, blues, fiddle tunes and popular music. As a boy, he had already proved himself a gifted street… Read More Woody Guthrie

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” (2. analysis)

The  melody is based on “Plaisir d’amour”, a popular French love song composed in 1784 by a German with an Italian name, Jean-Paul Egide-Martini. The song was initially written for a woman as “rom“, which explains the first and third line ending on “in” and “sin” rather than words rhyming with “you”. Elvis Presley‘s version… Read More “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (2. analysis)

Is Love at First Sight Real?💙💙💙

(abridged from: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/meet-catch-and-keep/201801/is-love-first-sight-real) “A compelling idea, but is there scientific evidence to support it? …… The idea is wonderfully romantic: Two strangers see each other “across a crowded room,” there’s an instant attraction, an electric spark, and suddenly they’ve found their match and never look back. In a world where dating often requires a lot… Read More Is Love at First Sight Real?💙💙💙