💕 Romantic Love 💕

Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Two Lovers (1850)

Sociologist Barbara Kuchler in her 2014 article “LOVE AND THE MODERN SOCIETY” (theeuropean-magazine.com/) wrote:

“Romantic love is not an archaic relict but an invention of the modern world. Most historical societies did not know or experience love as we do today. Marriage and family formation followed other rules. People were not allowed to choose their partners and were denied romantic adventures. Marriages were arranged by the parents and were based on mutual sympathy at best.
It was not until 1800 that the concept of romantic love as we know it today started to establish itself across societies. With it came the perception that falling in love – just like getting sick – is an uncontrollable process and that getting married and forming a family doesn’t have to follow economic calculations but can be based on emotional or sexual attraction.

Love is therefore not a universal experience that has always been part of human life. We tend to think otherwise, because movies, songs and books make us think the contrary. But when we look at the historical and sociological facts, we must abandon the idea.

Now that love can blossom in its own sphere, the opportunities and the risks are much greater than they used to be. Nowhere are we expecting more happiness, fulfilment or meaning than in our romantic relationships and our families. At the same time, these relationships are fragile and always bear the risk of engulfing us in deeply emotional crises of which divorces and dysfunctional families are just the prime examples. But these risks are as much part of our modern society as financial crises are of our modern economy.
The relatively high number of severe disappointments and break-ups we experience is systemically linked to our common perception of what love ought to be. Portrayals of love in movies and books leave us disillusioned and unsatisfied with our real-life relationships.

Romantic love is thus both idealization and reality – not because it is an archaic mystery, but because it happens in a society that is full of contradictions.”

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