The Womanizer Who Liberated Women


On 12 August  1851, Isaac Merritt Singer (1811 – 1875) patented the Singer Sewing Machine.

He did not invent it, and never claimed to have done so, because it had already been “invented” a few times. However, his success was based on the practicality and efficiency of his machine, the ease with which it could be adapted to home use, and its availability on an instalment payment basis, which revolutionised consumer behaviour.

He was defined “a womanizer who liberated women” because of his wives, mistresses, and the masses of women who stood to benefit from his device.

He married for the first time at nineteen and after a few years left his wife and their two children for a mistress with whom he had ten more. Later he set up two more households and had six more children.

It is claimed that during his life Singer fathered at least 24 children with various wives and mistresses.
One of them, Paris, had a son with Isadora Duncan, one of his daughters married a French duke and another was one of Marcel Proust’s friends and married successively two French Princes.

39 thoughts on “The Womanizer Who Liberated Women

      1. You know, many years ago I worked with a girl in London who told me Singer was her grandfather. She would travel to NY and stay with family from time to time. I wonder which part of the family after reading about all his sexual escapades!! 🙂

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  1. Scusate , un donnaiolo lo posso capire, ma uno che si sposa 24 volte è un malato mentale, macchina da cucire o no. Sono proprietario di una macchina da cucire Singer ( ha più di 50 anni)ereditata da mia madre che ha voluto la tenessi io per mia figlia, ora mia figlia sta imparando ad usarla.

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