Leonard Cohen


Today is Leonard Cohen birthday. The Canadian artist was born in Québec on 21 September 1934.

He began his career as a poet and novelist, then he ventured into music when he was in his thirties, and is now remembered for both his literary works and his musical creations.

The year before his death (7 November 2016),  he began working on a new album, although he was suffering from health problems and intuitively knew that the end was near. This album, which focused on issues like death, God, and humour, was released in October 2016, when Leonard Cohen was dying.

🎵 There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in. 🎵

“Anthem” (from the 1992 album The Future)


(C’è una breccia, una breccia in ogni cosa
È da lì che entra la luce)



49 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen

  1. Poeta, romanziere e cantante, una combinazione perfetta per esprimere i suoi versi. Era uno dei migliori cantanti ed è per questo che è nella Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ottima opzione per godersi il fine settimana. saluti

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      1. Non è la prima volta che mi fai scoprire qualcosa di bello, anzi in pratica me lo fai scoprire ogni volta che vengo a farti visita. Colgo l’occasione per dirti che anch’io ho pubblicato un nuovo post… spero che ti piaccia! 🙂

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  2. always enjoy Leonard’s songs – met him a few times – once in the Bay St. Bus Station in Toronto where we ended up taking a bus in the same direction (towards Montreal), backstage after a concert in 1970 where we shook hands… and he wouldn’t stop (he’d been singing Home On The Range in the dressing room with Jennifer Warnes whose father came to pick her up, so there may have been some certain substances imbibed… though this was early days), after a bookstore where he’d go in and sign a book of his that had been remaindered (said he used to do that a lot) and at a Toronto hotel where he was having dinner with a friend of mine, Irving Layton, whom he called “Canada’s greatest poet”….as I was heading to a folk club, said he’d be in the Varsity Restaurant after, which I mentioned to some of the people at Fat Albert’s Outpatient Folk Clinic [my book title here – https://www.amazon.com/Dean-J.-Baker/e/B00IC6PGQM/ ] and they all called bullshit, but ran like speed demons to see if he was, and he was there…

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