🎶 Let the Sunshine In 🎶 (4)


Let the Sunshine In” was not a song standing on its own because in the musical “Hair”, it was the last segment of a very strong anti-war song titled “The Flesh Failures”

In the medley the ending is a song of hope, the invitation to let the light, which equals truth and life, into our lives, a wish for peace in the world.
On the contrary, “The Flesh Failures”, is in general a very strong anti-war song including forceful dark lyrics like:

“We Starve-look at one another short of breath
Walking proudly in our winter coats
Wearing smells from laboratories

Facing a dying nation of moving paper fantasy
Listening for the new told lies
With supreme visions of lonely tunes”

And the refrain:

“The rest is silence
The rest is silence
The rest is silence”

“Flesh Failures” is a concept coming from the Bible (“My flesh and my heart may fail, but…” – Psalm 73) which refers to the grace and faithfulness of God, and to the failure of man, in both his flesh and heart, unless supported by God.

This song speaks about the other side of the hippy joy and culture, the one dealing with war, pollution, city life, etc.

The first verse refers to people that question one another in a desperate search for answers that are not coming from the government.
The characters “in winter coats” are probably soldiers and the fact that military coats are worn “proudly” sounds ironic.
The reference to “wearing smells from laboratories” may refer to consumerist American culture and the use of chemical perfumes that would give people the smell of things constructed in laboratories, or, more probably, to pollution.

The second verse refers to the thousands sent to die in Vietnam and the “lies” of the U.S. government, whose supreme ideals were used to justify that war: the defence against the communist threat. represented paradoxically by a small nation like Vietnam.
The “moving paper fantasy” can be an allusion to cartoons (animated drawings), directed by definition to a population of children: the politicians of the time tell stories that want to be uplifting but are not true, (treating the Americans as a people of children)
The “lonely tunes” (melancholy melodies) echo, with a probable play on words, the “looney tunes” (crazy stories) which was the title of the most famous Warner Bros cartoons (those with Bug’s Bunny, Duffy Duck and the other characters, and that always ended with “That’s All Folks!).

The refrain “The rest is silence”, is taken from Hamlet’s dying words and perfectly suited for a young generation sent to die in a useless international conflict. All that remains is death, just dust blowing away.

Affamati ci guardiamo a corto di fiato
camminando con orgoglio nei nostri cappotti invernali
portando addosso la puzza dei laboratori
di fronte a una nazione morente di malinconici sogni di carta
ascoltando le nuove bugie che vengono raccontate
accompagnate da supreme visioni di melodie solitarie

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