“Love the One You’re With” & “Finian’s Rainbow”🌈

The theme expressed in Stephen Still’s “Love the One You’re With” had already been treated in previous songs. For instance, in the 1947 Broadway musical “Finian’s Rainbow”, there were these words: “When I can’t be with the girl I love, I love the girl I’m with.”

“Finian’s Rainbow” is a play dealing with leprechauns and gold.
(A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, usually a bearded man, wearing a red or green coat and a hat, who spends his time making and mending shoes, and stores his gold coins in a pot hidden at the end of the rainbow.)

In that musical the leprechaun Og, who is slowly turning human by the theft of his magic pot of gold, realizes that he is attracted to two women at the same time and ponders the aspects of his new human condition.

He has gone from Ireland to United States to follow Finian, the author of the theft, and his daughter Sharon who plan to bury the stolen gold, believing it will multiply. Og is desperate to recover his crock before he turns completely mortal and is therefore tracking them.
One day Og, now almost human, decides to talk to Sharon about his feelings, but, while looking for her, he meets another girl, Susan, who is mute, and realizes he is fascinated by her, too. Here, he is reflecting on the whims of human love.

Oh, my heart is beating wildly
And it’s all because you’re here
When I’m not near the girl I love
I love the girl I’m near

Every femme that flutters by me
Is a flame that must be fanned
When I can’t fondle the hand I’m fond of
I fondle the hand at hand

My heart’s in a pickle
It’s constantly fickle
And not too particul’
I fear
When I’m not near the girl I love
I love the girl I’m near

Oh, il mio cuore batte all’impazzata
ed è perché sei qui
Quando non sono vicino alla ragazza che amo
amo la ragazza a cui sto vicino

Ogni donna che mi svolazza attorno
è una fiamma che deve essere alimentata
Quando non riesco ad accarezzare la mano che amo
accarezzo la mano a portata di mano

Il mio cuore è nei pasticci
è costantemente mutevole
e non troppo preciso
Quando non sono vicino alla ragazza che amo
amo la ragazza a cui sto vicino

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