♬ “Love the One You’re With” & “When Love Comes Your Way”♬

The theme expressed in Still’s “Love the One You’re With” had already been present in previous songs.
In addition to being treated in the 1947 Broadway musical “Finian’s Rainbow”, the idea that you must grab love whenever it comes your way, as stated in Still’s song, had already been dealt with in a 1933 song by Cole Porter: “When Love Comes Your Way”.


If ever to your road
Love comes to you one day
Remember what I say–
I’ve loved, I know

Love hates the sight of tears,
Love only cares for laughter,
So save your tears ’till after
Love disappears

When love comes your way,
Take every bit of joy you can borrow
Be carefree, be gay
Forget the past and say goodbye to sorrow

Simply live for today,
And never think at all of tomorrow,
For just when you are sure that love has come to stay,
Then love flies away…

Cole Albert Porter (1891 –1964) was an American composer and songwriter. He was one of the major songwriters for the Broadway musical stage, and he wrote both the lyrics and the music for his songs.

Quando l’amore viene da te

Se mai sulla tua strada
l’amore verrà un giorno da te
ricorda ciò che dico …
Ho amato, lo so

L’amore odia la vista delle lacrime,
l’amore si preoccupa solo delle risate,
quindi risparmia le tue lacrime fino a dopo
che l’amore sarà scomparso

Quando l’amore viene da te,
prendi tutta la gioia che puoi ricavarne. 
Sii spensierato, sii allegro
dimentica il passato e congedati dal dolore

Vivi semplicemente per l’oggi,
e non pensare mai al domani,
perché proprio quando sei sicuro che l’amore è venuto per restare,
in quel momento l’amore vola via …


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