🐋 Who Did Swallow Jonah? 🐋

Who did, who did,
Who did, who did
Who did swallow – Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo
Who did, who did,
Who did, who did
Who did swallow – Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo
Who did, who did,
Who did, who did
Who did swallow – Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo
Who did swallow Jonah,
Who did swallow Jonah
Who did swallow Jonah down?

Whale did, whale did,
Whale did, whale did
Whale did swallow – Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo

Whale did swallow Jonah,
Whale did swallow Jonah
Whale did swallow Jonah down

Gabriel, Gabriel,
Gabriel, Gabriel
Gabriel blow your – Trum, trum, trum, trum

Gabriel blow your trumpet,
Gabriel blow your trumpet
Gabriel blow your trumpet loud.

Daniel, Daniel,
Daniel, Daniel
Daniel in the – Li, li, li, li

Daniel in the lion’s,
Daniel in the lion’s
Daniel in the lion’s den.


What swallowed Jonah?

Jonah was swallowed by a sea creature, commonly referred to as a whale.
But… was it a whale the animal that swallowed Jonah when he was tossed into the sea by his fellow sailors?
Although the word “whale” is often used in English versions of the story, the Hebrew text actually uses a phrase meaning “huge fish”. The Bible states: ‘Now the Lord provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah’.

It has been interpreted as a whale, even though a whale isn’t a fish but a mammal, but such distinction was not made in antiquity.
However, the development of whaling has made it clear that most, if not all, species of whale are incapable of swallowing a full-grown man.
The largest whales – baleen whales, a group which includes the blue whale – eat plankton and the whale shark has a small mouth and a narrow throat.
In conclusion, that animal was a great sea creature, not necessarily a great “fish” according to our modern definition, but any type of animal living in the sea: a type of fish (e.g., shark), a water-living mammal (e.g., whale), or an extinct, dinosaur-like, water-living reptile (e.g., megalodon)

🐋          🐋           🐋           🐋           🐋

The story of Jonah may parallel a scene from the Epic of Gilgamesh, which recounts the Sumerian king’s exploits in his quest for immortality, or that of Jason in Greek mythology. Moreover, the name Jonah is the same as Jonas, which is nothing but Jason anagram.

In Carlo Collodi’s “The Adventures of Pinocchio” (1883) the animated marionette and his father, a poor woodcarver named Geppetto, are swallowed by a whale, an allusion to the story of Jonah.

A ‘Jonah’ is a term that once referred to a sailor or a passenger whose presence on board brought bad luck and endangered the ship, and later was extended to identify any person who brings bad luck to those around him/her.


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