The Birth of Blogging

Jorn Barger

The date of 17 July 1997 was chosen as the symbolic date of birth of the blog. It refers to the development by Dave Winer, American software engineer and writer, of the software that allows its publication.
Therefore, he is considered one of the “fathers” of blogging, even though he never used the term “blog”.

The term “weblog” was coined in December 1997 by Jorn Barger, on his “Robot Wisdom” website, which was based on Winer’s software. He used the term to describe the sites previously referred to as “Online Diaries” or even “Personal Pages”.
On his websites he published essays and resources on James Joyce and soon added a series of interlinked weblog sections titled “Fun,” “Art,” “Issues,” “Net,” “Tech,” “Science,” “History,” “Search,” and “Shop.”

It was in 1999 that Peter Merholz proposed the abbreviation “blog” on his website.

48 thoughts on “The Birth of Blogging

  1. ptima c’erano le BBS ( Bulletin Board System ) , un tipo di forum, erano diffuse negli anni ’80 e ’90 sia in contesti lavorativi che amatoriali, suddivise per argomenti, su cui ognuno degli iscritti scriveva il proprio pensiero! iIforum, i newsgroups, i guestbook, le chat e i sistemi di messaggistica tra utenti sono antecedenti alla nascita del Web, esistevano già negli anni ’80 nelle BBS. Una storica BBS fu quella di Agorà che chiuse i battenti nel 2001 dopo 13 anni di storia. Era nata nel 1988, tre anni prima del Web!!!.bei tempi ah ah

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  2. time insists on being sometimes faster than we live, but it is spaces like yours that give us the exact measure of living and so we move on. congratulations and thank you very much for all that offers us with such sensitivity and generosity.


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