Peter Sellers & “The Party”

Peter Sellers (English film actor, comedian and singer) died from a heart attack forty years ago, on 24 July 1980. He was 54 years old.

One of his first funny performances is in “The Party”, a 1968 American comedy film.
He appears as painfully polite unknown actor from India who mistakenly receives an invitation to a luxurious Hollywood dinner party. His awkwardness and his ignorance of Western habits make him commit a lot of hilarious mistakes, delicately sabotaging the gathering.
The film is full of funny scenes: one of the most exhilarating is the very beginning, where Sellers  is on a movie set playing a military horn blower, who keeps playing his small trumpet even after being shot several times.

Let’s watch the Indian bugler not dying over and over again.

63 thoughts on “Peter Sellers & “The Party”

  1. questo film che ho visto penso 50 anni fa (ricordo persino luogo e ora) mi fece star male dalle risate e ancor oggi alla parola biglia collego se sono tre allora sono triglie! Che trucco in volto il grande Sellers!

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  2. All the Pink Panther movies they were great and being there that was very special to my heart he was so innocent it was amazing and watching that poor girl Shirley MacLaine try to get him in the bedroom in the bed and how she knocked herself out doing so it was great and the great melvyn Douglas it had a good cast he was almost like a Jesus creature the Innocence . I never forget when he had to move out of the home and he ended up on the Street walking , he stopped a black lady and he asked her to make his breakfast it was heart-wrenching , it was like a little animal without its mommy out on the street like the animals I feed every night in the street that innocence that purity I believe that God has his hand on the little idiots that can’t take care of themselves like I was . thank you for the memory . 🤗😊

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