Life (John Clare)

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And what is Life? — An hour-glass on the run,
A Mist retreating from the morning sun,
A busy, bustling, still repeated dream;
Its length? — A minute’s pause, a moment’s thought;
And happiness? — A bubble on the stream,
That in the act of seizing shrinks to nought. […]

John Clare  – English poet (1793-1864)

E che cos’è la vita? Una clessidra in fuga,
una nebbia che si ritrae dal sole del mattino,
un sogno intricato e movimentato, che si ripete;
la sua durata? – L’ intervallo di un minuto, il pensiero di un attimo;
e felicità? – Una bolla sul torrente,
che nell’atto di raccoglierla si riduce a nulla. […]





31 thoughts on “Life (John Clare)

    1. Se scrivi in inglese puoi essere in contatto con un numero maggiore di blogger (anche se devo dire che il traduttore funziona abbastanza bene).
      Io ho iniziato a scrivere in inglese perché il blog mi serviva per pubblicare le mie lezioni all’Università per la Terza Età del mio paese, così che anche chi non poteva essere presente riusciva a tenersi aggiornato.
      Poi la cosa mi ha preso la mano…
      😊 😉 😏

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      1. Devo dedurre che i blogger quasi tutti conoscono la lingua Inglese. Ma d’altronde io leggo per quei pochi ….ciao

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  1. Such a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing. I have to admit I have never read it or anything by the author. It reminded me of this one by Walter Landor:

    I strove with none, for none was worth my strife:
    Nature I loved, and, next to Nature, Art:
    I warm’d both hands before the fire of Life;
    It sinks; and I am ready to depart.

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  2. Non sapevo dell’esistenza di John Clare. Ho iniziato a conoscerlo grazie ad una serie TV, Penny dreadfull, dove si citavano i suoi versi, ed uno dei protagonisti aveva assunto il suo nome, e da allora mi ha affascinato.

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      1. Yes Luisa , beautiful your heart is, beautiful the emotions that you share with us with your stories, you keep some of us going. THE animals the birds the squirrels the Chipmunks the Cardinals the Ravens the Blue Jays are gathering in my yard at this moment in the trees in the flower bushes waiting for their seeds waiting for their peanut butter sandwiches which the birds love , waiting for the bird baths to fill up . sanctuary that’s what I’ve been searching for I own my own home now finally . we’re looking for sanctuary you find it in your heart to give it to us in your way it’s covering from the rain and snow and the Wind , but it’s covering from the emotions in humans that are not good that are not healthy God has given us different outs different ways to try to conquer this in our own lives,, I put the fences up I put the awnings up I put the shutters up I put the barricades up with trees . In our own little world my husband GENE used to say we’re all searching for God some of it through drugs alcohol some people actually with perversion believe it or not , he said you can learn from everyone I said , he replied yes ,everyone even the murderer even the prostitute think back at Jesus . thank you thank you my dear again and again and again.

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