✨ Happy Birthday, Betty Boop! (3)

Betty Boop was a cultural icon in the 1930s, the symbol of all the appealing characteristics of the bygone roaring twenties.
The cartoon was a hit with adults and later with children, when the notorious Hays Code made her more toned down.

Betty Boop, who was born as a Poodle and  had become a Pin-up , had to end up as a Prim and Proper spinster! (see 🎂 Happy Birthday, Betty Boop! (1)  and 🎉 Happy Birthday, Betty Boop! (2))

Her cartoons ran from 1930 to 1939, but in the mid-1970s  they began to be broadcast on television again and she made a brief appearance in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” (1988), where she complained she was the only character not shown in colour.

In March 2009, a UK newspaper voted Betty Boop the second sexiest cartoon character of all time, with Jessica Rabbit in first place

Today, Betty Boop, remains a potent symbol of the Jazz Age and is considered a pioneer achievement in the development of female animated characters who provided not only entertainment, but were also empowering to women. Her fans are called Boopaholics.
Trivia – (source: “109 Little Known Facts About Betty Boop” bettyboop.fandom.com/)

🔴 Betty Boop appeared in her underwear in “Silly Scandals” (1931) and “Poor Cinderella” (1934) more than three decades before Madonna was even born. [“Poor Cinderella” was her only colour cartoon]

🔴 Long before Marilyn Monroe’s dress was blowing in the wind. Betty Boop‘s dress made this statement in “Betty Boop’s Ups and Downs” (1932).

🔴“Snow White”, a Betty Boop Short, was produced years before the Disney feature of the same name and has been chosen for preservation by the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

🔴Before the censors tamed her down, Betty Boop‘s sexy silhouette was often revealed in films when she passed in front of a light source.

🔴 Betty Boop’s image appeared in a montage of desirable feminine icons in a Rolling Stones tour.

🔴 Two of Betty Boop inventions were the tape recorder and a spot remover. The tape recorder was a box with a mouse in it. The spot remover removed spots plus the materials on which they appeared.

(The End)



26 thoughts on “✨ Happy Birthday, Betty Boop! (3)

  1. Ciao Luisa! 🥰 Bellissima la storia di Betty Boop, da piccola l’ho conosciuta grazie agli adesivi, mi piaceva moltissimo! 😍♥️❤️❤️
    Davvero meravigliosa!!! 🌹🥰💕💕💕

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  2. Carissima con questi tre appuntamenti ci hai fatto un bellissimo regalo ! Li ho copiati e mandati a mia figlia che adorava Betty e che ancora conserva una borsetta che aveva preso a Los Angeles con la sua effige! Credo che tenere in vita , scrivendone, personaggi del passato sia davvero importante!! Grazie grazie

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