World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on 13th November.
Let’s attempt to make the world a better place by promoting good deeds and acts of kindness.

“Give” by Simon Armitage

Of all the public places, dear
to make a scene, I’ve chosen here.

Of all the doorways in the world
to choose to sleep, I’ve chosen yours.
I’m on the street, under the stars.

For coppers I can dance or sing.
For silver-swallow swords, eat fire.
For gold-escape from locks and chains.

It’s not as if I’m holding out
for frankincense or myrrh, just change.

You give me tea. That’s big of you.
I’m on my knees. I beg of you.

Simon Armitage (born in 1963), English poet, playwright and novelist, is the current national Poet Laureate. This is an honorary position that does not involve any specific duties, the holder is only expected to write verse on special national occasions.
The annual salary is £5,750 and a “butt of sack”, about 600 bottles’ worth of sherry

“Give” is a simple poem, a dramatic monologue in which a homeless person sleeping in a doorway speaks to a stranger/the reader and asks for some compassion.
Armitage highlights the selfishness and absurdity of our attitudes towards the homeless: people seem unwilling to charitably donate even the smallest amounts of money if they don’t have anything in return.
Here the key word is “change” with its double meaning: it implies not only loose money but also a shift in attitudes, social change.

Di tutti i luoghi pubblici, caro
per fare una scena, ho scelto questo.

Di tutti gli androni del mondo
da scegliere per dormire, ho scelto il tuo.
Sono per strada, sotto le stelle.

Per monetine di rame posso ballare o cantare.
Se d’argento, ingoio spade, mangio fuoco.
Se d’oro fuggo da chiavistelli e catene.

Non è che mi aspetti
incenso o mirra, solo spiccioli in cambio.

Tu mi dai del tè. È grande da parte tua.
Io sono in ginocchio. E ti prego.

Ho tradotto la parola chiave “change” con “spiccioli in cambio”, tuttavia non è così forte come l’inglese in cui il mendicante sembra chiedere non solo qualche moneta di resto, ma anche e soprattutto un cambiamento.

64 thoughts on “World Kindness Day

    1. Oh certo, con il tè a volte si esagera anche. Comunque a me piace molto
      …e a proposito di esagerazioni, James Matthew Barrie, il papà di Peter Pan, consigliava addirittura di esagerare con la gentilezza. Diceva “Cerca sempre di essere un po’ più gentile del necessario. ”


  1. Thank you LUISA, this post was wonderful , we as humans need to be alot more grateful , BECAUSE in a flash it could be all gone .My hubby GENO always said : The greatest love is to give and expect nothing in return: And the longer I live without him , the more his words ring true . LUISA have a great weekend and stay healthy & safe 😘🙏💜💋💜💜

    Liked by 4 people

    1. His words were really wonderful. We should always keep them in mind
      An aphorism says: ‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.’🙏😊
      Thanks! I wish you a beautiful weekend, too!🌹🤗🧡🌹🤗🧡

      Liked by 2 people

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