Oscar Wilde and Death

Oscar Wilde died in Paris on this day, 30 November 1900, when he was only 46.
Here is a short touching poem he wrote on the death of a young girl, his sister.


Tread lightly, she is near
    Under the snow,
Speak gently, she can hear
    The daisies grow.

All her bright golden hair
    Tarnished with rust,
She that was young and fair
    Fallen to dust.

Lily-like, white as snow,
    She hardly knew
She was a woman, so
    Sweetly she grew.

Coffin-board, heavy stone,
    Lie on her breast,
I vex my heart alone
    She is at rest.

Peace, Peace, she cannot hear
    Lyre or sonnet,
All my life’s buried here,
    Heap earth upon it.

“Requiescat” (“May She/He Rest” in Latin), is a poem Oscar Wilde dedicated to his sister Isola, who died of meningitis in 1867, when she was nine years old and Oscar twelve.
He was terribly saddened by the loss of the little girl and he always carried a lock of her hair in a decorated envelope until his death,

Wilde wrote this elegy at nineteen and it was later published in 1881.

In the poem he remembers his sister’s beauty and innocence, vulnerability and perfection,
All this beauty is now long past. She has been buried, and with her, his entire life.

Image: Genius.com: “This envelope that contains strands of hair of Wilde’s sister is one of the only possessions he had when his friends found him bankrupt and dead while in exile in France.”

  Thy will be done.            Resurgam.
    My Isola's Hair
    Obiit Feb XXIII
 God is love.         She rests in peace.


Camminate leggeri, lei è vicina
sotto la neve,
parlate a voce sommessa, lei riesce a udir
spuntare le margherite.

I suoi lucenti capelli d’oro
sono offuscati dalla ruggine,
lei che era giovane e bella
è divenuta polvere.

Simile a giglio, candida come neve,
sapeva appena
di essere donna, tanto
dolcemente cresceva.

Assi di bara, pietre di tomba,
gravano sul suo petto,
io solitario mi tormento il cuore
lei riposa.

Silenzio silenzio, lei non può udire
lira o sonetto,
tutta la mia vita è sepolta qui
ricopritela di terra.

36 thoughts on “Oscar Wilde and Death

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us it was a pleasure to look at my tablet this morning the rain pouring down & the sharp winds ,, here we go again another day like that, but it’s all so cozy with the fire going and the big Maine Coons I have here .. Just coming out of the shower grabbing the tablet to see what you have luiza , and oh to my joy Oscar Wilde . MY husband and I had a kitty in 1971 a homeless Kitty we named him Oscar he was very old , probably someone threw them out as he aged but we named him Oscar. We just watched , lady windermere’s fan by Oscar Wilde my husband talked about him a little bit and I was very intrigued about his life and his death . I believe that his wife and him had two sons I think she changed their last name because of the Scandal .. I always felt very sad for Oscar I think he suffered needlessly . Oscar had so much COMPASSION and empathy I would love to sit at the table just to listen to him speak thanks again LUISA 😇🔥💋

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    1. I also think Oscar Wilde suffered a lot, despite his puns and sarcasm. … and when he got out of prison where he had been locked up because the father of his friend and partner Lord Douglas had wanted so, he found himself alone, sick, with no money and no friends. He had to go into exile, carrying with him the envelop he had decorated when he was a boy, which contained a lock of his little sister’s hair

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      1. Yes I agree with you , can you imagine if he lived at this time if he was a young man now and carried on an affair with another gentleman in England I don’t think it would be such a big deal but who knows . maybe we wouldn’t have loved him as much as we do now , different times different atmosphere different morals different ethics as Gene would always say about anyting usually things a little off-color , he would say , first you hate it then you tolerate it and then you embrace it . but what are we to do are we to continue hating should we be very afraid and skeptical of embracing I don’t know I just know how I am and what my feelings are . for many years Gene and I mostly myself had a very close friendship with a gay couple Fred and Fred they’re both dead now it was young Fred and old Fred and I just adored them they won many awards for the Roses on their property they had a little white house they were together 50 years when older Fred died they were so articulate they complemented each other constantly of course the younger Fred was a little Bitchie that’s why we got along so good .. The older Fred had in mind for management money finances property and Gene liked to speak with him but I like the younger Fred, they were only five years apart in age and they both lived to be in their 80s shortly after Fred died young Fred followed ..
        Fred called me 12 times a day after Fred died crying pleading and of course Gene and I would go over with food and roses and things to give him an appetite . The home was so beautiful but the neighborhood changed so much I said gene they have everything that I wish we had, he said yeah but we have the true love we’re a really married couple. they died one by one in the last eight nine years .They were a joy.. Young Fred had his own beauty parlor in the home and we would talk I never would let him do my hair my hair was long blond and thick and full Gene said don’t let him ruin it … We had long talks about a lot of subjects and one day I was in my twenties still,, and I said why do you want to be homosexual cuz that was a was a word Gene would use a lot it was never the gay word,, and and young Fred was tending the roses in the yard he said. I didn’t choose this life who would choose this life we go out to dinner and our trees are chopped down, when we sleep our windows are broken , we went to a Christmas party 5 minutes after I put the big gigantic wreath on the front door it was ripped apart I said but they do that to straight people too… they both became a little bitter in their later lives they sold a lot of property put the funds together . they spent New Year’s Eve alone which was kind of odd I loved their parties , I couldn’t drag Gene there but I liked dressing up velvet satin high heels . the home was gorgeous and I learned a lot from them and because of what I learned when I had a chance to buy this old Victorian White House with the big porches then I knew how to fix it up and I couldn’t wait to get them to come here and have dinner it would be almost like they’re home but they never would lthey would never come to my home I learned so much from him but I do remember one thing who would choose this life ???who would want to live LIKE THIS ??? THEY WERE OLD THEY WOULD DIE SOON , IF FRED L. & FRED F.WERE YOUNGER THINGS WOULD DEFINITELY HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT

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      2. What a nice tribute to Fred & Fred. Homosexuality is not a choice, but a condition, and even today, when the mentality has become more open, I think their existence is a bit harder than that of other people … unless they are famous people 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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      3. I totally agree yes if they were famous like Elton John or a few others .. The Fred’s had money , they had a summer home in Florida they had a gorgeous blue chrome Cadillac they had the most expensive luxurious furniture unbelievable rugs and tapestries the drapes , the walls and everything matched . I said once , if I died I want to die right here in your backyard there’s not one weed in it , The Fountains Came From Italy water sprout it out and little angels amongst the Priceless roses that he received medals for it was just lovely and it’s here in the city there’s new owners now they’ve destroyed the home they’ve changed it it looks terrible now there’s prostitutes living there and they come out in the street and they bother people they’ve bothered myself and my friend Sharon as we’re driving by we stay we stay at the light by the bed Beckham beckoning Us in I said I’ve already been in there we tried to give I tried to give one of them a hamburger I had hamburgers from a beautiful establishment last winter I felt sorry for one of the girls and I’m oceans for her to come to my vehicle and then I thought oh my goodness my name is going to be in the paper Sharon marinucci picks up prostitute girl so you have to watch out obviously I handed her one of the wonderful hamburgers in the way they were made and all the trimmings and she looked at it and said I don’t eat onions you don’t need onions but everything else I felt so bad for her she didn’t have a coat she had a broken nose she was a mess everything about her was horrible I want to get her off the street trying to feed her I rush home bring her one of my fur coats she said I can’t take it but if you need any Services here we are wow that’s fresh beautiful home life changes nothing stays the same as Gina would say I don’t like change somehow I like things to stay the same if they’re not too bad enjoy thank you for responding. I love you and I love your stuff and I love being here and thank you with all my heart

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      4. My dear Sharon, I know you are a generous and charitable person, but please try to always be on your guard. Here in Italy, in a nearby town, Como, a priest who helped the homeless was stabbed by one of them last month, for no reason-
        Therefore keep on helping, but, PLEASE, be careful 🧡🌟😍💕

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      5. Oh yes I’m very careful now like I tell other people you know don’t get out of the car don’t go to them make them come to you just roll the window down a couple of inches move away from the window you don’t know who’s nuts whose psychopath just because someone is shabbily dressed on the street or they look unkempt they may have very severe mental problems like paranoid schizophrenia they could kill you .. I tell my other friend Sharon and people that seem to be kind don’t do what I do be cautious , even when they’re feeding the animals I tell them , just make sure you have a lot of gas in the car make sure the window is only open a couple of inches and you get yourself out of there right away and don’t stop for anyone maybe a police officer then again you have to be careful with that to thank you for your good advice I love you and take care 💪🧘‍♀️

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  2. I feel so emotional right now, by reading your thoughtful article about Oscar Wilde and his sister. After watching the envelope my heart aches. Thank you for making us read these beautifully touching stories about these amazing Poets! I am so glad to follow you! 🌺❣

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