Winter Has Come (Pot-Pourri)

If winter comes,
Can spring be far behind?
” (1)
He wondered this morning at the beginning of winter.

Don’t worry, I said
“If we winter this one out,
We can summer anywhere.”

Can’t you see that “Winter is on my head,
But eternal spring is in my heart.”

“And when wind and winter harden
All the loveless land….
You will understand…”

No winter lasts forever;
No spring skips its turn
.” (5)

(1) Percy Bysshe Shelley
(2) Seamus Heaney
(3) Victor Hugo
(4) Oscar Wilde
(5) Hal Borland

Wikimedia Commons – Claude Monet (1879) – L’entrée du village de Vetheuil l’hiver
È arrivato l'inverno (pot-pourri)

 "Se arriva l'inverno,
 può la primavera essere lontana? " (1)
 si è chiesto stamattina all'inizio dell'inverno.
 Non preoccuparti, gli ho detto
 " Se attraversiamo questo inverno, 
 potremo goderci l’estate dappertutto". (2)
 Non vedi che "l'inverno è sopra la mia testa,
 ma nel mio cuore c’è un'eterna primavera. " (3)?
 “E quando il vento e l'inverno raggeleranno
 la terra senza amore….
 capirai … "(4)
 che “nessun inverno dura per sempre;
 nessuna primavera salta il suo turno. "(5)

 (1) Percy Bysshe Shelley 
 (2)  Seamus Heaney 
 (3) Victor Hugo 
 (4) Oscar Wilde 
 (5) Hal Borland 

35 thoughts on “Winter Has Come (Pot-Pourri)

      1. My pleasure. Your blog feels different to me. A lot of things, I haven’t discovered yet is here to find. I appreciate your creativity and the way you perceive things differently and present them in an approachable way. Truly inspiring.

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  1. Doni preziosi i tuoi post che rivelano un’anima celestiale
    Desidero mandarti i miei più sinceri auguri di Buon Natale!
    Io sto vivendo la mia “Rinascita”, perchè dopo un periodo doloroso e drammatico, la vita mi sta regalando questo dono
    un abbraccio

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  2. I love how you got the best poets in there, wonderful Oscar Wilde Victor Hugo Shelly all the best. I could understand why some people get very depressed in the cold months especially if they’re alone and now with the virus.. I know several people that are hurting very badly through this . I’m hurting because the animals are hurting three of them here have disappeared and they can’t get in that’s where my thoughts are and this is where Sanctuary is the blankets the chairs the pillows the food the water decayer the love and my thoughts are with the homeless the shelters are packed we have 20 someone inches of snow right here homebound afraid to go out afraid to fall but not afraid to dream not afraid to plan our moves for Springtime for the warm weather I promised myself I am going to lay in that sun and get warm because I’m frozen all day long the plans we make the things we’re going to grow in our yard in our garden I’ve had to go back on vitamin D 50000 units for a couple of months I have none I’m pure white you can’t find me in the snow but I think a lot of us are saying this too especially as we get older so prepare your health tried to get some sun rays on your face on your hands it’s equivalent 10 minutes of sun on us even through a window is equivalent to one capsule of vitamin D remember there’s certain things you can do don’t make the water too hot and your showers drink a lot of water to certain things we can do we got to keep going this too shall end

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